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Elegant Construction LLC

Professional new installation and remodel - 425 7600683

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  I am specializing in all kind of stairs installation - Over-the-post and Post-to-post systems, open treads, skirt board... I can work on small railing project or big curved staircase with custom posts... Basicly anything related to staircases installation - from some frame work to finish...
  I will do my best to provide you with the best quality in material and in work at affordable price
  Remodel and renovations of your staircase is another specific of my business.
Remodels include (but not limited):
  • Replacing half walls with open treads stairs or kneewall style
  • Replacing carpet with solid or false treads and risers, remodeling treads installation
  • Retrofit of wood balusters to iron balusters, you can keep your existing treads, newel posts and handrail

      Here is what I do
    1. Skirting (skirt board), moldings and stairs trim
    2. Balusters (banisters, spindels, balustrade) metal or wood
    3. Treads and risers, false treads, landing tread
    4. Hand rail - curved, spiral,straight, radius, agains the wall, hadr rails with fittings
      I provide full service - demolition, stair frame, installation  and finish.
    I can help you with design, discuss what kind of species of wood will be best, what profile of hand rail, style of posts and balusters to choose to match your home style... or any other question - just for free while working oput your estimate
    In Tips and Ideas you will find links to stairs and millwork catalogs...
    Staircase 1.1
    Staircase 1.2
    Staircase 2.1
    Staircase 2.2
    staircase 3.1
    Staircase 4.1
    Staircase 5.1
    Staircase 5.2
    Staircase 6.1
    Staircase 6.2
    Staircase 7.1
    Staircase 7.2
    Staircase 8.1
     Staircase 9.1
    Staircase 9.2

    Here is some pictures made by professional photagrafer . It is a multymillion house -  I worked on staircase and cabinets. Those look much better, then the ones made  by myself :))) (Staircase 1 and this stairs is the same).